Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman

10 Mar

I’m reading a really great book right now – The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo ( Not only is it really informative about Coco Chanel and her life and business empire, but it’s hilarious!! I’d love to meet Karen Karbo in person because she comes off as so witty and charming on paper. The book is an awesome mix of history, personal opinion, and humour.

Coco Chanel was one badass! She dated one of the guys that killed Rasputin! She dated a lot of people actually haha. I love fashion and in reading this book I’m realizing more and more that my fashion sense is very influenced by Chanel. Coco Chanel, not Lagerfeld Chanel. There is a difference. I love cardigans, loose skirts, lots of long necklaces,  skinny belts over said cardigans. I had no idea I was getting my fashion ideas from a woman who thought it all up pre-first world war.

Tres Chic!!

Who’s your fashion inspiration?


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