A Re-discovery

30 Mar

This isn’t a new discovery, but as the title of the post suggests, something I kind of re-discovered last night – FREAKS AND GEEKS!!

Whyyyyy oh whyyy did this series not make it past season 1?! It’s everything I love in entertainment – sexy James Franco, hilarious Jason Segal, Seth Rogen and Martin Starr, and bad ass girls Linda Cardenelli and Busy Phillips! I mean come on!! And do you watch Bones? John Francis Daly was adorbs in Freaks and Geeks!! Even Samm Levine was awesome! THERE WAS NO BAD!!! Realistic storylines, relatable characters, smart and funny dialogue. It was like Gilmore Girls before there was a Gilmore Girls (I think.. no idea about dates for GG haha)

Wikipedia (the ultimate source for info.. come on, you know you wrote all your uni essays based on wiki) actually offers no real reason why it was cancelled after only 12 of the 18 episodes aired.. so wiki really let me down there.

IMDB says it was cancelled after the “Chokin and Tokin” episode aired, which I really hope isn’t the reason WHY it was cancelled, cause come on people it was 1999, that’s not Shockin stuff anymore!

Well that’s my little rant for Freaks and Geeks. I’m glad all of those actors continued to have huge success because I love them all dearly!


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