Heading down to Cincinnati

5 Apr

No actually I’m not because that’s actually really far away, but if I had the money to travel there I would just to see these giraffes!

Is it pathetic that this picture made me tear up? HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!!

This little baby giraffe was born at the Cincinnati zoo over the weekend – here is the full article : http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/16470

The best quote I’ve ever read:

“When there’s a birth of an animal, it’s awe-inspiring because nature is a phenomenal system. That’s true when a mouse is born, but when you’ve got a 6-foot baby that comes out and flops on the ground, it’s just the darndest thing. It goes without saying, this is an exciting day.”

Interesting things I’ve learned about giraffes today – Their gestation period lasts between 400 to 460 days (NO THANK YOU!) and that male sexual relationships are more common them heterosexual relationships.


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