The Sleepy Town

7 Apr

So I recently watched The Town.. well  I shouldn’t say that.. I tried two different times to watch The Town and I fell asleep both times and I don’t think I’m going to try again.

It wasn’t that the movie was bad, but I was overly tired either so I’m not too sure what was wrong! It’s like it has all the components of being a great movie; bad boy grows up and wants to change his life (a really hot Ben Affleck), best friend with a criminal record trying to hold him back (a really creepy Jeremy Renner), a good plot, creative ideas for robbing a bank.. but all the same I fell asleep!

I mean the plot is not that original, but I usually really like these kinds of movies. The plot was good, but maybe  was a bit slow. And the whole time I was trying to figure out why a super trampy Serena Van Der Woodsen was there. Cause, I mean, Ben and Jeremy are both in their 40s, and her character seemed early 20s. Maybe that was one of the problems – the story would be better if their characters were younger, because at 20 you can make mistakes, but by the time you’re 40 you should have shit figure out.

The more I think about it the more reasons I’m coming up with why this movie didn’t work! haha Oh well, good try Ben.. Good Will Hunting was way better though.

These masks are BEYOND creepy


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