Royal Wedding Fever

27 Apr

I’ve always been kind of obsessed with the British Royal Family.. well maybe just Diana and her sons. I was like 11 I think when Princess Diana died, and I remember that night. I was watching a movie (Muppet Treasure Island to be exact) and when I turned it off, the news was showing the car accident and saying how she was pronounced dead… I cried! My babysitter thought I was crazy, but when my parents came home to find my sitting on the living room stairs crying, they understood. I was OBSESSED with anything princessy and disney related a a little kid, so obviously I loved Princess Diana. I even did a book report on her biography once! Weird? Whatever. I watched the funeral on TV with my girlfriends, and while they were all drooling over 15 year old William, I had my sights set on 12 year old Harry! That hair!! SWOON! I watched a hour one program on him today on TLC, and it turns out – I still love him! There were some shocking things I didn’t know about him – like going to rehab and dressing up as a nazi at a costume party – which aren’t cool, but to hear him talk about his mom, his brother and his “men” in the army, is just about the best thing you can hear. He is definetly his mother’s son as he does a lot of charity work all over the world.

And he’s just so friggen cute:

I rest my case!!


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