26 May

Well THIS cheered me up considerably!

Isn’t it awesome that pictures have the power to move you? You can’t be sad when looking at this! I mean it looks like a cute little cartoon ellie!

I saw it on this website -> I have no idea what is it, although I found the link on Dianna Agron’s twitter.. is it her blog? What is tumblr? I feel like my 50 year old boss that doesn’t understand anything on the internet!

In other news – I discovered today that yahoo radio has a Soundtrack station! YES!! The first song that came on was When Doves Cry from Purple Rain.. that’ll sure turn your day around! And while I never saw it but I’m pretty sure that Snakes on a Plane was the worst movie ever – Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) by Cobra Starship is playing right now and I have a hard core crush on Gabe. Do me.

That’s all for now! What a random post?! Such is my brain! ♥


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