The Voice

9 Jun

I’ve been watching The Voice this summer because although I do like singing competition shows, American Idol is pretty boring and repetitive, so The Voice is a nice change. I really like the 4 judges and the snarky interactions that they have (wouldn’t it be nice if we could be that snarky to people in real life and get away with it? I say, call a spade a spade! or a dumbass)

I love how much attitude Adam give Christina, cause really, she seems like a child. I’m watching this weeks episode – the first of the “live shows” – and I’m honestly a little disappointed. I thought everyone was an amazing singer during the audition rounds, and the battle rounds were a pretty cool idea, but now I feel like they really aren’t living up to the hype. Except for Beverly McClellan. She just sang “I’m the only one” and girl is a power house!!! And she’s totally rocking the Sinead hair do and a lovely kilt. She’s unique and fiesty. Cee Lo is kind of freaking me out though.. where are his glasses?!?! I thought maybe he had a sunglass complex like Lil Jon but he’s not wearing them today and I wish he was! It just doesn’t look like him, he culled a very reconizable image and he needs to stick to that.

And the opening song by the 4 judges.. uhhh let’s just say Awkward!! I hope this episode picks up. I will tune in next week to see what Adam and Cee Lo’s teams are like.



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