16 Jun

Holy mother sunburst… it’s HOT! And this is ridiculous for early june in Northern Ontario! I went swimming today! ON JUNE 15th!! And I said that when we were in the water “It’s only June 15th and we’re already at the beach!” I remember my last year of highschool is SNOWED DURING EXAMS. Even as I’m writing this, as Vancouver gets their asses handed to them by the stinking Bruins, 10:17pm, it’s still 24 degrees. Don’t ask me if that celcius or farenheit, it’s whatever they taught me at school and what we use here in Canada.

 I’m not made for the heat. I’m way to Irish – pale and freckly and I pretty much want to pass out after 10 minutes in the sun. I bought an air conditioner 2 weeks ago and it’s been sitting on the floor on my bedroom breaking my heart ever since then waiting for someone to come and install it for me.



On another note, I’ve been watching The Voice – the episode from last night with Cee Lo and Adam’s teams.. and again, the only thing I’m really enjoying are the judges haha! Adam is singing “With a Little Help from my Friends” with his group right now, and I just can’t take my eyes off of him. The only non-judge performance I did like was Vicki (sp? she spells it weird) singing Jolene. That was intense, and beautiful. Good thing I download these as torrents so that I can fast forward through all the boring performances and Carson Daly’s talking.. why does he talk so much? The show isn’t about you, has-been!

Holy eff, it’s way to hot to sit here with my laptop on my lap, I’ve got to go eat all the ice cream and freezies in my freezer right now.


PS – Pray for Vancouver.. even if we know it’s useless. Thomas is on FIRE and I won’t admit it outloud, but he deserves this win because over the series he has been a much better player than anyone on the Canucks – where the hell have the Sedin twins been?!? They should have been spending more time playing hockey then trying to think of new ways to dive and pretend to be hurt.



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