Paul Walker

20 Jun

I read the other day that Paul Walker is now being considered for the lead role in the newest Terminator movie, now that Arnold is on the naughty list, and that got me thinking about Paul’s other movies, and how I kind of want to watch Skulls again!

yes, Skulls:

The last time I watched it was a couple of years ago, after the bar one night where you just put the most random movie in to watch and fall asleep 20 minutes in.

But the more I think about it, this movie is kind of the perfect late 90s (it was released in 2000) teen movie, and kind of set the tone for the “rich, bratty teens with no responsiblities” genre we see popping up everywhere – Gossip Girl anyone? YES! Skulls was totally the precursor to Gossip Girl! They wore suits to college, had these super expensive watches that were like status symbols (like cellphones on GG) and got away with murder, literally! well maybe, I don’t remember how the movie plays out anymore. But this movie just totally sums up all teen movies in the late 90s.

I’m totally going to go on a 90s movie watching spree!

First up – She’s All That! I can never get enough Paul Walker!


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