Gaga means Stupid in filipino

24 Jun

How fitting! I hate Lady Gaga. Oh my god, she’s so annoying. When Just Dance came out, I, like every other 20 something female loved dancing to it at the clubs, but now, I’m just so over her. Actually when Edge of Glory came out I actually liked it because I didn’t even know it was Lady Gaga because she wasn’t ending every phrase with “ah ah ah ah ah”. Like I’m sorry but Rihanna already did that with “Umbrella”. And Madonna already did everything Lady Gaga does. Oh and while I said I didn’t mind Edge of Glory too much when I first heard it, I saw her perform is on the MMVAs and when I heard the line “hanging on this moment with you” I was like “now Lifehouse isn’t safe from Gaga’s copying ways?! As if!”

So this is what I say to Lady Gagy – put some damn pants on, and shut up.

Even these kids can see through her :


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