Work Rant

28 Jun

Yesterday I discovered a new website – and wasted pretty much my entire work day on it. I mean I was up to like page 60 by quitting time. Which really got me thinking about my generation and the workforce. The generation who graduated university/college in the last few years and is basically screwed out of getting a decent job. Out of my close friends I could count on one hand the people who are actually working in the field they studied at school. Even one of my friends, a highschool math teacher, is now out of a job! Same thing happened to him last summer and in August the school called and said they needed him to come back, but that’s no way to make a living! And out of the 9 people who graduated from my broadcast journalism class in June 2009, I was the only one who went on to work in radio. And I quit that in February. Now I have a meaningless office job that pays ways better than the radio gig did, but I rarely use my university educated skills, or my brain, period. I guess I can’t complain because there are people who can’t find full time work and have to settle for cashier at a grocery store, but it’s still frustrating to go through 5 years (I did 3 different programs.. have degrees/diplomas from all) and not have much to show for it! My younger sister is graduating high school next year and plans to go to college for dental hygiene, which I wish I would have been smart enough to do because after 3 years you graduate with a specific set of skills and can direct your job search to a specific area and if you’re pretty and nice enough, get hired fairly easily. A Uni degree is so abstract that it’s barely worth the paper it’s written on. I learned to write essays.. what good does that to me?! Other than making sure my part-time blog is always well punctuated and grammar-error free.

None of that really matter because I don’t have a clue what I want to do when I “grow up” anyways. My mom says to keep plugging away, doing different things and seeing what I like, but I can’t imagine liking anything enough to devote 40+ hours a week for the rest of my life short of being a professional snowboarded or Hockey Player’s Trophy Wife.


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