Only 15 days…

29 Jun

Until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!!! I would figure out the hours but I’m way to lazy. I was super pumped to find out the crappy theater in my town (whom I wrote a nasty email to last time I was there about their poor service – and go figure- have not gotten a response from.. but that’s a whole other post) is having a midnight showing on the 14/15th EEEK!!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I ordered some stuff from Etsy.

ETSY ROCKS! I could spend hours browsing through the homemade jewellery – I’ve made a few purchases from one really nice little shop called JeweledAmbrosia and have been so happy with her things. Check her out:

I ordered 2 keychains, one for myself and my sister who is a big fan of the movies but hasn’t read the books yet – I can’t understand why??


These are from tesorojewellery! Visit the shop at

And then because I am a shopaholic with no will power I continued searching Etsy for all things Harry Potter related and bought THIS

Isn’t it cute!! It’s Harry’s glasses and a little spellbook that actually opens up and you can put little pictures in it like a locket! I probably won’t be pictures in it but I’m pretty excited for it to come in. Thank god Canada Post is back to work, I’m hoping to get it this week!

Yes, I am a dork. but I’m proud of it! The Harry Potter series is an amazing series and will stand the test of time! Just like my lightning bolt tattoo I’m going to get sometime this summer! 🙂

 (not on my forehead.. I’m not that bonkers)


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