Party Time

7 Jul

HAHAHAHA I’m sorry, but I love puns and wordplay! And sassy pictures. So this to me is hilarious! And you can’t not read that sentence without singing it to the tune of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. And then when I hear Tik Tok in my head, it makes me think of GloZelle.

If you don’t know who GloZelle is you are in for a treat!! I wish I was related to this woman so I could bask in her awesomeness and hilarity on a regular basis. The videos she posts to her youtube channel of her interpreting and translating pop music lyrics are hilarious! And girl can sing herself, so she’s nice to listen too.

I cannot listen to Rihanna’s Rude Boy without hearing GloZelle’s version of it.    <-Tik Tok <- Rude Boy

(she also makes me wish I wore lipstick.. fierce!)

And I’m probably going to start asking people “Is you okay? Is you?” Seriously, watch all her videos!!

I just started to follow her on Twitter today so I hope to get more nuggets of widsom from her on a daily basis!






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