Movies I’m excited to see this summer

14 Jul

Other than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2.. obviously!! And I cant even go see it tomorrow because they are playing it in 3D! And 3D gives me headaches and nausea.  I actually  had to write several emails to the manager in which I made up fake kids who don’t like 3D  to get them to bring it in 2D. I said I guess I’ll just take my family and my business to one of the nearby towns that is playing the movie in 2D, and she wrote back saying they decided to bring it in 2D as well as 3D.. but obvisouly not right away as they want everyone to pay $12 for the 3D showing instead of 9 bucks for the regular showing.. so crappy. Whatever.

In honour of Harrison Ford’s 69th birthday yesterday, I’ll start with Cowboys and Aliens. Harrison Ford was my first ever crush (Han Solo.. hellllo!) and for my 15th birthday my mom even had the cake maker write “Happy Birthday, Love Harrison Ford” on my cake, and it rocked. I’ve never been a big fan of alien invasion movies, but how can you go wrong with a badass sherrif like Harrison Ford and a badass new guy in town like Daniel Craig? Even Olivia Wilde has the potential to be badass in this movie.. I just hope neither of the lead male characters sleep with her.

Check out the trailer here ->

Another movie that looks really good and that features another one of my favourite actors is The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. James Franco can play so many different types of characters (anyone remember him in Whatever it takes? CLASSIC! haha) and I’m excited to see him take on this kind of role – smart guy in an action flick. I think some parts could even make you cry – it looks like he gets pretty attached to the apes. Now I will admit I’ve never seen any of the other Planet of the Apes movies, because honestly the monkey costumes creep me out, so I hope that doesn’t hinder my viewing pleasure during this one! I think as a prequel type dealio I should be okay.

and bonus – Draco Malfoy!!!

Trailer it up ->

And then there’s Crazy Stupid Love which I think could be genuinely and intelligently funny, but also just has awesome eye candy in the form of Ryan Gosling’s abs, and let’s face it, what else is a summer movie for?! I feel like Steve Carell plays the same character in every movie, kind of like Vince Vaughn, but he’s always funny so I don’t really mind! And I hope Emma Stone never stops being awesome and continues to make movies for a long long time! She’s like this generations Julia Roberts.

Hitch your wagon to this trailer ->

What movies are you excited to see?? What have you seen so far this summer – let me know if they’re good or not so I don’t waste my time and money! 🙂



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