20 Jul

I think I just had a breakthrough! You know how this blog is about how I sometimes feel like I have nothing in common with people, like I’m the only person in the world that likes a certain movie or book and have no one to talk about it with… well then I stumbled upon this website and it got me thinking, this is a pretty huge ass world and it’s amazing how so many people can be experiencing the same situations or feelings at any given moment. I mean you really can relate to a large majority of people on any basic level

ladies.. i know you can relate:



DAMN that’s frustrating!!




It’s like when you’re at a sporting event or concert, and you look around and think wow there are 30,000 people here for the same reason! that’s pretty mind blowing! it’s hard to feel lonely then.

This one makes me laugh cause I do it… a lot:







Well there’s my uplifting thought for the day!! Hope you had a good chuckle, and that you can relate 🙂


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