Fuck Yeah! Tom Hardy

3 Aug

Are you excited for The Dark Knight Rises? Omg, I am! And have you seen the on-set pictures?!

Tom Hardy as Bane!!

Holy mother eff. That’s one scary looking villain.  And if you’ve seen the movie Bronson, then you know Tom Hardy has the chops to pull this character off. He’s so freaking amazing!!!

I saw the first trailer for the movie, and it’s the kind of thing that gives you chills with excitment. Even the poster is bad ass! I feel like Christopher Nolan was born to make these movies.

I’m also really excited that Catwoman is in this movie – and super excited that Anne Hathaway is playing her! I had a big debate with a friend (a guy) who said she wasn’t attractive enough to be Catwoman.. actually I think he said she looked like a horse! But I disagree!! I think she’s the perfect mix of sexy and smart to pull this off. I didn’t like Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selena Kyle when she was all demented. I like Eartha Kitt’s!

And Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! The casting just keeps getting better and better.


Although, once this Batman franchise is over, I do hope Christian Bale goes back to being British in movies. I love his “real” voice!








The only bad thing … we have to wait until Summer 2012 to see it all go down!


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