X-Men: First Class

3 Aug

I watched X-Men First Class tonight, and I really, really liked it! Not quite what I expected, but really good. I enjoyed all of the other X-Men movie, so I’m glad this one lived up to them.

I say not quite what I expected because it was a bit cheesy, compared to the other movies. I found the dialogue a bit silly, and the whole “mutant and proud” line (which is the whole point of the X Men, I get it) a bit mushy. But the silliness kind of fit the whole 60s era, you know? So it didn’t really bother me.

I really liked James McAvoy’s Xavier, nothing can compare to Jean Luc Picard (what’s his real name.. Patrick something, love him but he’ll always be Jean Luc) but he was really good. Very sure-footed and calm. I didn’t like the bit with the putting his 2 fingers to his head everytime he read someone’s mind, that’s the cheesiness I was talking about.

The back stories of the X-men really drew me in. And I LOVED that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine had a small cameo! hahaha can you imagine all the time Hugh Jackman had to sit in the make-up chair to say 2 words?! ‘Fuck Off” haha I actually laughed out loud at that moment! And the special effects has me oohing and awwing throughout the whole movie! And I gasped out loud when Xavier was hit by a stray bullet, revealing how he ends up in a wheelchair (I don’t read comic books, so these things were revelations to me). And I liked the big reveal of how Professor X and Magento become enemies. Although I wish Prof. X would have put up more of a fuss about Mystique leaving. I mean, I wouldn’t have been all that bothered by her leaving, cause she was kind of annoying and whiny, but they grew up together, and I would have imagined it would be more of a betrayal then it was played out.

Also, I’m starting to become a really big fan of this guy:

  (I just love his eyebrows!)










Nicholas Hoult, who played Hank McCoy/Beast, although I wish he hadn’t been American. Why do they always make British people be American? I wish everyone had an English accent!! He played in About A Boy when he was younger, which is in my top 10 movies, and he was on the first installment of the British show Skins, so I’m glad he’s getting some play on this side “of the pond”.

Well geez, I think this is the longest post I’ve ever done and it’s about a superhero movie.. kind of makes me feel like a dork, but I don’t care! I love movies like this; big actoin scenes, but a really good plot and actors and moments of both laughter and shock. Overall, 5 out of 5 in my book!!

I just love how watching a good movie makes me feel. Like somethings been accomplished, and I’m truly satisfied.


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