Skins post pt.2

11 Aug

I finished watching Series 1 (that’s what they call a Season in Britain I guess? Those kooky brits, love ’em!) the other night and started Series 2 last night.. OMG.

*There will more than likely be spoilers in this post.. you’ve been warned*

How did I get into this show? Well I kept reading about it on and in Nylon magazine, and then MTV decided to make an American version. And all I heard about the American version was how it was shit compared to the original, so I decided to watch the original and see what the fuss was all about!! Throughout the first episode I honestly didn’t see what was so great about it. It’s filmed a little different from how shows in America are, and due to the slang I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about sometimes, but once you figure out the language and get used to the really long close up shots of someones face while they stare blankly into space, it’s really intriguing and pulls you in. The fuss is definetly worth it! The characters are all so different and fucked up in their own ways, and you just want to learn more about them. Tony (Nicholas Hoult.. total babe) is the school stud/reckless bad boy who can melt any girls with his crooked smile, Sid is his dweeby sidekick who eventually tries to break free of Tony’s shadow. There’s Michelle, Tony’s slutty girlfriend with a bad home life, Cassie who has several stints in rehab/mental institutions for an eating disorder. One really awesome relationship is between  Anwar, a Muslim, and his best friend Maxxie, a gay dancer. My favourite episode so far, the one I blogged about the other night, was when they get into a fight over their conflicting views and ways of life. Then there’s a weird scene where Tony gives Maxxie head… that’s where this show differentiates from a lot of North American TV – they don’t hold back. Teenagers live a messy and complicated life, and this show shows it in all of its uncomfortable and shocking glory. I don’t know what living in a small British town is like, but from following the news about all the riots in London, it seems like the youth feel very disenfranchised and rebellious, so maybe they do have these crazy parties on a Tuesday night where they all sleep in a pile on the floor after taking a bunch of E and drinking till the wee hours of the morning. Maybe they do pass around their girlfriends like party favours. It’s probably a very sensationalized version of real life, but they writers, producers, and actors aren’t afraid to tackle the hard stuff – broken homes, eating disorders and mental issues, homosexuality and religion, race, poverty vs money, I could go on and on. It’s refreshing to see something that shows the nitty-gritty side of life – not like the problems the Gossip Girl gang has – however scandalous those are – they aren’t realistic in the least.

The last episode of season 1 ends with Tony being hit by a bus -we have no idea if he survived. The whole cast sings a really awesome version of Wild World ( and I think it represents the change in everyone lives we’re going to encounter in Season 2. I watched the first episode of the second season last night, and I cried. It was SO well done. Nicholas Hoult is turning into one of my fave actors right now (and not just cause he’s drop dead gorgeous – he does remind me of a young Josh Hartnett though, whose faces was plastered all over my bedroom walls in highschool) but he’s such a good actor. And he can sing!! Throughout the beginning of the first season, he portrayed a very cocky and selfish character, who had a big breakthrough in the final episode, and you could see it all playing out on his face. Now he’s playing the same character after suffering a traumatic head injury and he’s lost some motor skills and memory. It’s heart wrenching!! So is watching his best friend and ex girlfriend trying to come to terms with his injury. Man, I just want to go home and watch the rest of it hahaha. It’s rare to find a show that’s so compelling and realistic.  I’ll guess for now I’ll settle for some “behind the scenes” footage on youtube!.


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