RIP Jack Layton

23 Aug

Opposition party leader, Jack Layton, passed away this morning. He had been battling 2 different types of cancer, and lost his fight this morning. This actually really, really saddens me. I haven’t been interesting in or following politics for very long (and really I only pay attention to the big stuff and elections) but I started to learn a lot during my radio and tv broadcast course a few years ago, and quickly decided that I leaned (not completely agree with,  because I think all the political parties are full of bullshit) towards NDP. That fall I voted in my local election, and the city actually because Orange for the first time ever. I’m also currently livign in an NDP riding, and through my (former) job of radio news announcer I interviewed our MP and MPP many, many times, so I’m a bit up to date on things.  In the federal election this spring, I voted NDP and was pretty vocal about it on facebook, posting a lot of information to make sure my fellow generation Xers knew what was going on. I never pressured anyone to vote NDP, but I wanted people to vote! And I was pretty happy when NDP moved into the opposition position (hehe). And that’s what makes me really sad about Jack Layton passing away – he worked for 8 years to make some headway, to show Canadians there is a viable 3rd option, and after having this great success in May, he doesn’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

He obviously knew he wasn’t long for this world, as on August 20th he wrote an open letter to Canadians – reading this made me cry The last paragraph is the kind of thing that people will be quoting for decades to come.

We lost a good man today.

RIP Smilin’ Jack.



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