My Ode to Twitter

21 Sep

Yikes!  Again – been a while since I blogged!

What has been taking p all my internet time? I will admit it, I’m addicted to Twitter! What do they call people who are addicted to Twitter – a Twit-hard? A Twit-head? (Twi-hard and Potter Head, keep up!) Whatever it is, I’m it.

I’m actually into Twitter right now a lot more than Facebook, and I only have like 12 real friends on Twitter. It’s just the people I follow on Twitter are so much more interesting than the people I have on Facebook. I don’t care that you just made homemade guacamole or that you’re going on vacation to Edmonton in 22 days – countdown is on!

I like that Twitter offers way more interesting stuff to pass the time. I follow Huffington Post, who retweets all of Huffington Post Entertainment’s tweets, and peoplemag, so there’s all my world and entertainment news.

I follow a lot of accounts just for the sheer hilarity of them, like Professor Snape, Lord Voldermort, hipstermermaid, and Santa Claus.

For some weird reason, I am really more interested in the fact that Lea Michele wore marchesa to the Emmy’s than I am about what people I went to high school with are doing now. Sorry.

OH and the TSN guys! I think I unfollowed Bob McKenzie because he was just getting way to bitchy for my liking, but I follow James Duthie and Darren Dreger. And Jay Onrait, I started following him after he made some hilarious comment about Jack Layton’s mustache on SportsCentre. I forget what it is now. But that was before he died.

:(, sorry, moment of silence….

I’m sure I don’t post anything remotely interesting, that’s why I only  have like 24 followes, some of which I’ve looked up and I don’t think they even speak english, but I tweet a lot about funny stuff I see on the street, or new movies and music I’m into, and I like it, and that’s what counts!

Tweet on, twitterverse!


People I follow:









and a bunch more but I’m tired of copying and pasting.


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