My exclamation point addiction.

27 Sep

Man,  I use exclamation points WAY to often!!

See, why did I just put 2 right there?

I do it everywhere; Facebook, emails, texts, and now here on my blog. I remember back in high school on ICQ always being super conscious about my exclamation mark addiction and going back and deleting one or 2. Didn’t want to look too eager.

Okay, fine, I admit it. I even went back and deleted some from my last post – and go re-read that baby, there’s still a ton of exclamation points in there.

So why?  I honestly have no idea. Could be that I’m a really fast typer and my fingers have just hit “shift-1” repeatedly and I don’t even notice it. I’m pretty animated in life so maybe multiple exclamation marks are the way to convey that online? Maybe I want you all to pay attention so I’m just yelling everything at you? No, I’D WRITE ALL IN CAPS IF THAT WAS THE CASE!!!! Ahhh, calm down.  I don’t think everything needs to be accompanied by an exclamation point, it just works out that way. Read that sentence again with an E.P (I’m getting really tired of typing out exclamation point, so we’re going short form from now on). I don’t think everything needs to be accompanied by an E.P., it just works out that way! “It just works out that way!” It just sounds funnier with an exclamation point. Actually that’s how I’d really say that sentence that way out loud, with my shoulders lifting up at the end in a little shrug. It’s the only way to display emotions, excitement, and sincerity online. I’m not a big fan of emoticons, so I don’t want to be sticking a 🙂 in every sentence. Hello!

Soooo.. I’m not going to do anything about this addiction. It adds a little flavour into my writing. And who doesn’t like a little flavour!?




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