On my way to work…..

27 Sep

I see the CRAZIEST things!! I swear, the people in my town are nuts! It’s like they have no idea how to behave in public!

Today I saw a woman (middle-aged) and her teenage daughter stopped at a red light, windows down in their truck, arguing. And I mean fighting! The daughter was crying hysterically and yelling at her mom. I could see her wiping the tears from her face and the woman was throwing her arms around in frustration.

I could still hear the daughter whining when I walked into my work building a block down!! Like just because you are in your vehicle doesn’t mean you aren’t still in public. At least roll your windows up! I mean I love to see that shit, but I imagine it would be embarassing for the mother.

One day this summer I was walking home for lunch and I saw two 20-something “gentelman” walking down the other side of the street and one just stops and throws up right at his feet! AND THEN CONTINUES WALKING!!! I didn’t even try to hide my disgust, I very audibly gagged and said “OH that’s nice!!”

And I swear it was in the same week on my way back to work that there was this dirtball riding around on a bike yelling “Mary Jane gave me herpes!” over and over again. I assume the woman he was following on the bike was said Mary Jane. She just ignored him. I kind of wanted to let him know that he wasn’t only outing Mary Jane but really himself too. You are annoucing you have herpes. That shit don’t go away.

Suffice it to say, I work downtown in a small town, and therefore all of the finest people hang out down here. One day this summer we had a woman that was just released from the drunk tank sit down at our patio tables and put her feet up!! Thank god we’re buds with foot patrol cause he took care of her and we haven’t seen her since! haha

Some people! 


2 Responses to “On my way to work…..”

  1. lauragoingsolo September 27, 2011 at 7:40 PM #

    Loving your blogs! Your honesty about everything is so refreshing. Oh and with regards to crazy people in the street… I was unfortunate enough to overhear a woman telling her friend about her infection (in very graphic detail may I add) down below on the X59 bus. Safe to say I was put off my dinner! xLx

  2. ginnyp11 September 27, 2011 at 8:24 PM #

    Thank you, Laura! I always try to tell it like it is!
    And as for what you overheard.. wow.. just WOW! Poor you haha

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