Why I deleted my Facebook account:

27 Sep

I’m really ticked off with Facebook lately. And I know Facebook doesn’t give 2 hoots what I have to think about it, but I’m going to type it all out anyways. I know they don’t give 2 hoots because from the 4 complaints I’ve sent in the last few days, I’ve received 2 generic emails thanking me for my feedback. Like no, I want someone real to answer me and tell my why you’ve fucked around with the privacy settings without telling us.

I’ve been thinking about deactivating for a while, because it was just getting to be a bunch of pointless posts. Everyone once and a while someone would post an article that would be interesting and a group of people could have an intelligent conversation about it, and I really do love posting pictures and looking at my friends pictures, but then this happened:

I went on yesterday morning and had all kinds of notifications about the album I posted Sunday night. It was pictures from a birthday party I threw on Friday for my boyfriend, and of the Buck and Doe we went to on Saturday. People that I don’t have as friends on my fb were commenting on the pictures. And I was very confused, thinking “how can they see this?” I have all my privacy settings set to “Friends only”. It was people that are fb friends with my boyfriend, but not me, commenting on pictures that he was tagged in.

So I went to the privacy settings and now with the new fb, when you select “friends only” it said “please note, friends of people you have tagged can also see this”. Then what’s the freaking point of having privacy settings!? And with the new ticker tape along the right hand side, every single move you make on Facebook is posted there. And again, if you were to post something on someone’s wall who I don’t know, it would show up on MY ticker tape, and I’d be able to go look at it.

The way I see Facebook is like this – I’m not friends with someone on Facebook that I wouldn’t have an actual conversation with in real life, and I don’t post anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t tell that person about on the street. Yes, I post personal pictures, but that’s because they are things I want to share with the people on my friends list. I post a lot actually, but it’s all generic things, like “my dog is snoring so loud I can’t hear the tv” or “watching Battle of the Blades – go Mayday!”. I don’t post “ooohh these period cramps are so bad”, no personal shit like that, but still. I do not want people I don’t know from Adam seeing what I post. There’s just something really creepy to me about people I’ve never met looking at pictures of myself and me friends hanging out in my house. That’s just a huge invasion of privacy. OH, and did you know that your friends can re-post your pictures to their walls? So that all their friends can see? NOT COOL.

So that’s my 2 cents. I know I’m not the only one that feels that way- just go to the Help Center under Privacy Settings and check out all the complaints. But really, there’s nothing to do about it except for deactivate your account and not participate anymore. It’s just too bad as Facebook is so global, and I will miss interacting with all the friends and family I don’t have the option on seeing in person. But my privacy is too important to me. Maybe I’ll create a brand new account, start from scratch, and just never post anything personal. But then.. what’s the point?

My friend mad a really good point when we were talking about this earlier today – The company has put a lot of time and money into something people are already addicted too, and that they are already making a ton of money off of. Do they really think THAT many more people will join Facebook because of a new profile layout?

At some point, just leave well enough alone.


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