Beautiful Photography

19 Oct

I’d like to introduce you to the photography of Martin Schoeller. You may have already seen his stuff, but if, like me, you haven’t before today – you are in for a treat!! Not only are these pictures of some of the most talented, funny, and popular celebrities of the day, but they are SO FREAKING PERFECT. Puuuuuuurfection. Schoeller is based out of New York, and of course this guy has got a few awards under his belt. Go on his wikipedia page and count all this guys accolades.. I lost count at 17 cause my eyes went crosseyed trying to count. Apparently these types of photos are his “thing” and he is really good at his thing!

I think my favourite ones, beside the ones of the Harry Potter gang, obviously, are the Jason Segel and Mike Meyes pictures. WHAT is up with them?! I love the total randomness of them, but the fact that there’s actually a story going on at the same time. Meyers face is priceless!!

I also really enjoy the black and white ones of the actresses just sitting looking at the camera. Maggie Gyllenhall looks beautiful!

Also, what’s with the fishbowl?? hahaha that little guy makes quite a few appearances!

Honorable mention to the Paul Rudd picture, cause that guy is just too cute

Go and check out his website and see all the other beautiful images for yourself.


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