Costume Time!

26 Oct

Who’s excited to dress up for Halloween?!


Honestly, I wish we could dress up everyday! If I ever have a kid, I don’t care whether they want to or not, I will make them come to the grocery store or mall with me dressed up in some princess or superhero costume!

I bought my Halloween costume in August this year. You read that right, August!! A used book store in town used to rent out costumes, but decided to get out of that part of the business and sell them all. I found a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume in the summer and just about died – I’ve wanted to be Dorothy for YEARS but could never find a nice enough costume. This one looks identical to what Judy Garland wore in the movie, and even came with the shoes! But because I like painting my face and getting really done up for Halloween, I decided to go as Zombie Dorothy – The Witch Got Me! I thought it was an original idea, but I’ve seen some other ones online and one of my friends knows a girl that did that one year, but whatev! My boyfriend requested that I just be “pretty” for once this year… last year I was a fish with sequins glued to my forehead and the year before I was Edward Scissorhands complete with fake skin scars.. what’ s his problem with that?! haha

So I’ve been spending the last 2 weeks watching zombie makeup tutorials on youtube like it’s my job! I could watch makeup tutorials alllllll day long, there’s something kind of creeper-fascinating about watching someone else do their makeup. And some of these girls are soo talented  – check out the girl that does Disney princess makeup tutorials:

I also bought my dog a halloween costume – I know, I know, LAME!! But it’s really just a little jacket thingy that looks like a wizards robe haha I keep calling her Harry Pawter, I saw that somewhere and loved it!

I need to get her some glasses!

I also love babies dressed up in costumes. Check these ones out; sooo cute : )

Pinned ImageFrom






Someone needs to make me that Owl shirt STAT. Genius!

Happy Hauntings you guys!


2 Responses to “Costume Time!”

  1. Katherine October 26, 2011 at 11:57 PM #

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    As a whole, I dislike people who put their dogs in clothes. But I do fall guilty to putting my dog (He’s a pitbull) in some rather degrading Halloween costumes. He’s been a clown, an angel, a devil… He also has a Santa hat for christmas. But….

    HAIRY PAWTER!! That is amazing. I would love my dog forever and ever and ever…


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