8 Nov

So I watched Drive the other weekend… and you know how much I love me some Ryan Gosling (found Young Hercules on Netflix and I am alll over that) but you guys, it was just …. so… weird.

What was the point of the movie? I felt like for the first 80% of it there was no plot movement, no idea who the important characters were as everyone just seemed like a fringe character.. and then for the last 20 minutes of the movies he just kills everyone? I watched it with a friend and we just kept waiting to see if something, ANYTHING, good was going to happen, and then at the end of it we just sat there like “Uhhh…?”

I don’t recommend that movie.

BUT, I do recommend this Funny or Die video “Quite Ryan”

Quiet Ryan – watch more funny videos

It’s funny cause it’s true!! And that song in the background is from Drive, and may be the only part of the movie I liked!



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