The X Factor USA

10 Nov

I am OBSESSED with the X Factor right now. Never have I been so emotionally invested in a reality competition show like this before. But honestly, never has 1 show had SO many amazingly, mind-blowingly talented people. Everyone (other than the groups.. just saying) deserve to be crowned the winner, and I want all of them to release a record so I can stick it on my Ipod and rock out to it all day long! I don’t have an Itunes account, but I think tonight I’m going to beg my boyfriend to download all of Rachel Crow’s and Josh Krajick’s songs for me. And Leroy Bell. and Stacy Francis. Oh frig and Drew too even though she sounds the same on every song she sings. And ASTRO!! Watch his performance of Lose Yourself from last night’s show. Boy be spitting those mad rhymes! (Sorry, that was my attempt to be gangsta hahaha)

I am in love with little Rachel Crow. She’s 13 years old and has more charm and talent in her pinky finger than I could ever hope to have. I refer to her as my sassy little black child whenever she’s on. My boyfriend just keeps asking “HOW old is she?!” cause ya, you can’t believe she’s only 13.

Watch out world! Get the tissues, her talent will make you cry, or you don’t have a soul.


Get the girl her own bathroom!! She deserves it 🙂 So cute that all she wants for her family is a new home and a comfy couch. Can I babysit her when they move?


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