DIY Inspiration

17 Nov

So I’ve been in a crafty mood lately and I’ve been looking at a lot of home decor DIY blogs. On Sunday I tried to go to a free art class at Michael’s with some friends, but when we got there at 11:45 for the noon class the staff said it started at 2! I SWEAR I read 12-2 in the flyer, but as I didn’t have the flyer on me at the time I couldn’t contest. So boooooo to that. I bought a foam Santa’s Workshop display to put together myself for fun. haha

This is my inspiration for my first real DIY project! I haven’t done something like this for a few years (when I first moved away to school I painted a couple of abstract wall art things… one looked awesome and the other one looked like shyte) but I’m pretty excited to try it out!

This quote is so cute, and totally appropriate for our home! I’m going to try to make it using this method I found on a really awesome blog->

I’m going to skip the paint by numbers painting and just do something more “abstract” with burgundy and gold swirls a la this  for the background, and then spray paint black over top so the colour comes through the lettering! I’m hoping to find as many materials as possible at the dollarstore (they might not have canvas, so I might have to wait until I go to my parents’ next and get some wood from my dad) so that this is a really inexpensive DIY!

What DIY projects have you done? Do you have any cool blogs to recommend?

Check out A Beautiful Mess Blog for some really fun ideas!


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