Nail Art

17 Nov

I’ve been on a bit of a nail art kick lately, even more so then usual. I’ve posted about my nail polish obsession before, but now I’m getting really fancy (read: kindergarten-aged arts and crafts talent wise) and doing all sorts of fun stuff with them!

Today’s nails (SORRY for the terrible terrible picture, I’ve only got my phone on me right now)


Oh ya, I went there! Alternate bubble gum and raspberry pink nails with opposite colour polka dots! and I totally did the dots with a toothpick. Because the dotting tools I ordered off ebay from Hong Kong probably won’t be here for a month! haha

However, my nails are chipping now and tonight I’m going to try something different.




Tonight’s nail art inspiration:

 This photo is from the latest Avon catalogue the office’s Avon lady dropped off! I don’t actually have blank shatter (only purple and blue) but I am going to try the 3 different colours on one nail idea. Ombre the fashion people would call it. I’m pretty sure I know how to do it:

1. Paint lightest colour on the bottom portion of your nails. Let dry.

2. Cover the already painted section of your nails with tape (nails must be DRY or else you’ll just rip the colour off) and paint the middle shade on the middle portion of your nail.

3. Repeat covering middle shade with tape and painting darkest shade on top!


I also want to test out the Tuxedo Nails I saw on Nylon earlier this week


I don’t own matte black nail polish (and would DEF never spend $30 on nail polish, puuhlease) but I think I have matte purple and a shit-ton of shiny purple nail polishes, so I might try that out this weekend!

I tried the newspaper nails Friday night – did not work so good. (Sorry, again, the picture’s shit but so was the manicure). I did it with water, maybe it does work better with rubbing alcohol? Don’t know, the girl on the youtube video totally made it seem easy! Liar! haha


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