Nail Art – finished!

21 Nov

So, it turns out I didn’t have 3 nail polishes in the same colour family to do the design I had previously posted about, so I did something a bit different. I love dark and shiny colours this time of year, so I picked 2 that had the same sheen to them (from the same product line as well) that complemented each other without being matchy-matchy. I’ll keep doing this design with different colours!

What I used: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Invisible (as base and top coat… not a very good top coat though, doesn’t prevent chipping, just makes your nails very shiny), Gunmetal, and Plum Power, and some Scotch tape!

I did it the same was as described in the previous nail art post:

1. Apply base coat and let dry

2. Apply bottom colour (I chose gunmetal) onto bottom part of nail. No need to cover the entire nail as you’ll be doing a different colour on the other half. Let dry COMPLETELY before moving on to next step.

3. Cover section of nail you want to keep Gunmetal(or whatever colour you choose) with the scotch tape, and apply second nail colour to exposed section. Let dry before removing tape.

4. Cover with top coat!

It’s very easy, just a little time consuming as you need to make sure the colours are bone dry before moving on to next step. I ripped off colour on 2 nails and had to go back and restart them.

I also bought some new nail polish this weekend (I really love Sally Hansen polish as you can tell) and did my toes.

Did the Very wintery and festive! I used Sally Hansen Insta-dry in Blue-Away and covered with rainbow sparkles. I really love the Insta-dry line of polishes as they really are fast drying, and the brush is different than most – very flat – for easy application!  The sparkle polish is Wet n Wild Fast Dry – it was a little difficult to use, not a lot of sparkles went on at once so I had to go over the nails a few times. But it’s very pretty looking! And no, you don’t get a picture of my feet! haha


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