FAULT magazine preview

6 Dec

Are you a Jackson Rathbone fan? How can you NOT be, silly question.

If you want to see more delicious pictures like the one above (or maybe an interview excerpt if we’re lucky!) then tell FAULT magazine so! http://fault-magazine.com/2011/12/jackson-rathbone-preview-for-fault-issue-9/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FaultMagazine+%28FAULT+Magazine%29

@FAULTMagazine Drop us a comment or tell us through FB/Twitter if u like the @JacksonRathbone preview. If enough people do, we’ll do another one 2moro


FAULT is actually a really cool British quarterly publication, that of course I don’t ever have access too up here in the armpit of Northern Ontario, but I enjoy it online!

FAULT Magazine Issue 5 - Special Edition Rupert Grint coverYUUMMMMMM

The photography is just really raw and beautiful. I really like the interviews too as they aren’t asking just material, boring questions like “what is your skin care routine?!” Like, OMG, who cares Glamour!

Check it out! Like them on Facebook and you could win a pretty nifty watch. http://www.facebook.com/FAULTMag

You’re welcome.


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