My favourite Dawson’s Creek Character…

12 Dec

This may come as a surprise, but I think the best Dawson’s Creek character (especially in Season 3, which I’m watching now) is GRAMS! Yes, she always has that disapproving look on her face, but it’s only because she wants the best for you! And she always has great words of wisdom to impart for every situation! Honestly, every time I get dressed up to go somewhere fancy and can’t decide whether or not to wear a necklace, I hear this: “An unadorned neck is proper for the first date. Chaste. Pure.” (#314 Valentine’s Day Massacre). Not that I’m trying to be pure or chaste, that line just always pops into my head.

Underneath her stern looks and bible thumping ways, Grams is just a big softie romantic! The Valentine’s episode from S3 is probably my fave one of the season as well, all because of Henry Parker and Grams. He sells more blood than he should to be able to buy Jen a Valentine’s present, and he passes out at supper. And just when you think Grams is going to look down on him for being foolish, she sticks up for the poor shmuck! It’s funny that Jen ends up falling for someone so like her grandmother.

Another reason I love Grams is that she lets Jack move in with them. The scene when Jen and that douche Tyson argue about homosexuality being a “choice” or not in the kitchen (Season 2) and you think Grams is going to side with Ty based on religious beliefs and she berates him and kicks him out of the house, and then lets Jack live with them – AMAZING! That’s when you stop seeing her character through Jen’s eyes, and see her for who she really is; caring, understanding, and wise.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the later seasons of the Creek, but I’m pretty sure they all end up living with her in Boston during college. How cool is that, that she uproots her life to still be a part of the kids’ lives. And they WANT her there. She kind of becomes the lynch pin to the group, don’t you think?

Also, did you know that Jack’s kiss at the end of Season 3 was the first ever gay male kiss on prime time television? Who knew DC was so cutting edge?




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