A recent text message conversation with a stranger

13 Dec


No, not anything as cool as that. But I think the person I was texting with was probably of even lower intelligence!

I was getting a few texts from a number I didn’t recognize, and I wasn’t replying, because that’s awkward “who is this?” “uh, your bff since kindergarten, got a new phone!”  conversation that usually happens. But one night I replied to the “hey” text with a “hello” text and didn’t get anything in return. Than the next afternoon I got a “heeeeyyy duuude” so that peaked my interest and wrote back.. this is how it all went down, verbatim.

Mysterious Texter: Heey dude

Me: who is this?

MT: logan fag

Me: (now mad, cause I hate when people talk like that) pretty sure you have the wrong number. and is your last name fag or are you trying to be cool using a homophobic slur as an insult? idiot

MT: No i was trying to be funny like the look of ur moms p***y (sorry, I CANNOT say that word, and I won’t type it out either, but you get his drift)

Me: I’m going to assume you’re a 14 year old boy and just ignore that last text. Goodluck finding your friend, if you have any.

MT: Alrigh thanks

End of conversation.

HAHA the fact that he said thanks is the best part of the whole thing! But like who a) talks to a stranger like that, and b) would talk to their friends like that?! I know it was anonymous, but have a little respect for people! I apologize to all 14 year old boys out there that don’t talk like a trash receptacle.

Seriously, go read Texts from Bennett tho. I don’t care if it’s fake (the authors claims it’s 100% real) it’s damn funny!!


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