Geez, is the Queen coming for tea?

13 Dec

I actually just uttered those words as I walked out of my office and noticed the set up my boss has going in our board room for this month’s board meeting/Christmas supper.

Table cloths, Christmas decorations, platters, napkins, candles burning (even though it’s only 10am and supper not till 6).

And the thing is – our board members are so not worth it!

That may sound harsh, but it’s true.

I work for a non-profit with only 3 staff. And I’m not actually “real” staff as I’m here on a government funded internship. So a regular staff of 2 with a board of 10 volunteers.

Now as far as I’ve been here, our board has done dittitatly-squat! Only 1 board member bought tickets to the auction we we’re supposed to have in November, that we actually had to cancel because of poor ticket sales. There hasn’t been a board meeting with “quorum” (meaning enough members are there that decisions can actually be made) in 3 months, and none of them showed up to support me at a small business seminar I ran in October.

But whatever, I get a free dinner out of it!

PS- If the Queen was actually coming, I would piss my pants with excitement!


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