I’m hungry for more!!

13 Dec


Amazing. A really, really great read! And because it’s considered Young Adult, it’s a fast read. And even more so because of the excitement and anticipation the author was able to create. My heart was thumping as I read my way through some of the chapters. And I was gasping and sighing out loud at some parts, to the point where my studying boyfriend was like “WHAT are you reading!?” If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, this is for you. If you liked the sappy love story in Twilight but thought the story was lacking, then this is for you! It’s a great combo of action, fantasy, young love, and all with a strong female character young girls should be looking up to. Hell I’m 26 and I want to be like 16 year old Katniss!

I’ve steered clear of everything movie related because I always wanted to read the book. I know that Jennifer Lawrence is playing Katniss, so I did picture her in my mind while reading. And I know Liam Hemsworth (Thor’s Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother) is either Peeta or Gale, but I don’t know which. And I have no idea who the other main male actor is. So I kind of made up what they look like in my head. I really hope whoever is portraying Peeta lives up to the image in my mind, cause I’m in love! haha I’m really torn as to whether I want to watch the trailers yet or not.

But, it did only take me 3 sittings over 5 days to read the book. And I have the boxset. So I think I’ll read Catching Fire(2) and Mockingjay (3) and then get all caught up on the movie buzz!

Can’t wait!

(not what I pictured at all)


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