Christmas Countdown

14 Dec

11 sleep until Christmas!

Is everyone excited?! I am! My Christmas countdown chalkboard has been up for so long I’m pretty sure the countdown started around the 40 day mark! All my presents are bought and wrapped and under our little Christmas tree. I’m going to be so sad after NYE when we have to pack all the decorations away. I love how festive and happy everything looks at this time of year. My birthday is on Friday and I’ve always loved being a December baby as everything is decorated, everyone is so happy and calm, and there’s just a great excitement in the air. It’s getting a little harder to coordinate schedules with friends to have a get together for my birthday because of staff parties, family parties and the like, but it’s usually do-able. and the FOOD! We get to each such yummy food this time of year!  Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is one of my fave things to do and has become a little bit of a birthday tradition for my boyfriend and I. What are your favourite Christmas activities?


And this is a picture of my puppy, Stella!



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