Crazy Puppy Talk

15 Jan

If anyone ever spied in on me while I was home alone with my dog, I would probably be committed to a nut house.

I just sang “everyday i’m washing my face” to the tune of Party Rock Anthem (everyday i’m shuffling!) as I washed the goop out of my dog’s eyes.. haha what is wrong with me!

You know how people talk to baby in cutesy little baby voices, well I have a voice I use when I talk to my dog that is similar to that, but more  crazy.

I am a crazy dog lady and I don’t mind!

I don’t think she minds either. That’s one good things about dogs, they love you no matter what, and even if they think you’re acting a fool, they can’t tell you. Dancing around the living room to 1980’s pop music? She doesn’t know how lame that is, she loves it! And I love her.



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