Unemployment here I come!

3 Feb

Today is the last day of my 1 year internship, so on Monday I will be officially unemployed! Everyone kept asking me if my contract would get renewed and I would just stay with this non-profit org, but my internship was through a gov’t program and you can only ever be part of the program once, sooo the org will be getting someone new, and I get a lot of free time!

And I am not good at free time! I’m trying not to be too worried about money just yet, as I can apply for employment insurance, and I’ve applied to a couple really good positions, but the mining company and the town I applied for are notoriously slow with their hiring process. So for the next few weeks while I’m sitting by the phone, I’ll have to keep myself occupied! I promise to not go to loopy on you guys, and keep my posts from being super depressing! Promise me you’ll post some funny youtube videos in the comment section to keep me entertained?

The good thing is I will be able to get back into some old hobbies I didn’t have much time for before! I used to scrapbook a lot, but that can become really time consuming and all of a sudden 5 hours have passed and the living room is covered floor to wall with glitter and scraps of paper! So I’m looking forward to having more time to do that, and I’ll be able to hit in the gym at a quiet time, so I expect to be pretty jacked in a month. hahaha! I’ll be able to check out lots of new blogs as well, and I would like to try and post more on here myself. Also, thankfully so many people got me books for my birthday and Christmas, so I’ll be able to fly through my reading list, and maybe catch up on some shows I’ve been meaning to watch – I’m more into watching series right now instead of movies – Empire Boardwalk, Shameless, The Finder, etc! BUT, I’ll also be watching all the Oscar nominated movies for best picture too, so I guess I’ll have enough stuff to do to keep my occupied for 2 weeks…. hopefully I’ll have a new job by then!

EEKK!! Wish me luck!

My new life:


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