9 Feb

Continuing my love affair with British actors, I just watched Tom Hardy in Warrior.

The trailer makes it look a lot more high energy and intense than it really is. I’ve watched the majority of the movie with the volume cranked up because they are all talking in such hush-hush depressing voices. It really doesn’t start to get excited until the hour mark, and it’s a long movie, it’s over 2 hours long. The first hour probably could have been cut down to 20 minutes. It spends a long time laying down the back story without really making you care all that much about the characters.

BUT, just like in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Tom Hardy is SO good!!! He plays an ex-marine training for a major MMA fight, and his estranged brother just also happens to be in the same tournament. The grand prize is 5mill, and both brothers desperately need the money for very different reasons. There’s a whole back story with their ex-alcoholic father (Nick Nolte) who used to abuse their mother, and the brother (Joel Edgerton) has a sick daughter and his house is facing foreclosure. Hardy’s character is really tormented over the loss of his mother and wants nothing to do with his brother who he feels abandoned him as a kid, and there’s one scene when they finally talk on the beach and it’s really gut-wrenching. Tom Hardy is really, really good as displaying a variety of deep emotions, he really makes you believe it. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is pretty lackluster.

It really didn’t hold my attention, like I said I had to keep turning up the volume to even understand what was going on, and Nick Nolte doesn’t really get good until the last 40 minutes. Plus the fight scenes are just waaay to long. Real UFC fights don’t even last that long. Get on with it, why don’t ya?

Sports movies usually do a better job at really pulling you in and making you feel something for the characters, you want to watch them succeed and you feel so elated when they do! But this movie is just a little dull for me. I was really expecting it to be more exciting. It’s a bit like “The Fighter” and I wasn’t super jazzed about that movie either.

At least everyone looks good in fighting movies 😉



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