Unemployment Days 3, 4 &5

11 Feb

Well I made it through week 1 of unemployment (well almost, it’s still only 1:30 on Friday, but that’s close enough) unscathed! I tried to be as productive as possible this week, and I guess I got a lot done! Surprisingly though, not as much reading as I was hoping too.

I do still have a lot of time on my hands, and I devoted some of that TO my hands

Oh ya, I did Cheetah nails! They actually didn’t take all that long, besides waiting for one colour of polish to dry before starting the next. And I used a Sally Hansen nail art pen for the spots! I followed the simple directions on this youtube video:


I also got caught up on the second season of Shameless, a show I am a HUGE fan of! And I found this funny Tumblr about those lovable Gallaghers, http://mandymilkobitch.tumblr.com/, if you watch the show then you know there’s a lot of swearing, and as this blog is mainly GIFs from the show, it’s got a lot of swearing, so forewarning haha!

And I took a bunch of pictures of my dog and ran them through some easy online editing process. Oh how I amuse myself!

Have a good weekend!


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