The Vow.. that they actually broke..

13 Feb


I went to see The Vow on Friday night. I thought it would be the best romantic movie to watch on Valentine’s Day weekend. BUT, it was not at all what I was expecting. The story (based on a real-life couple) is a really good story, but the movie did it all wrong!

So they story goes like this – Paige (McAdams) was once a well-to do subburbanite, in law school, engaged to an investment banker, who days before the wedding threw her life away, moved into the city, enrolled in arts school, and fell madly in love with Leo (Tatum). The whirlwind lovers get married, live happily ever after, until one night they are hit by a truck and Paige ends up in a coma. When she wakes up, she doesn’t remember the last 4 years of her life. Her last memory is of being engaged to investment banker dude, and studying law. Leo is heart broken that she doesn’t know who he is. The Dr recommends she goes back to her daily routine in hopes her memory comes back, but after what seems like 1 day and not much effort on either of their parts, she ends up moving back in with her parents (that she hasn’t spoken to since she left and who her husband never met [we find out why later]) because she’s creeped out by this man whose supposed to be her husband but that she doesn’t know.

This is where the movie went south for me. I didn’t feel bad for Paige, or empathize/sympathize with her. I was actually pretty mad at that character through most of the movie. She was a bitch. She didn’t want to regain her memory cause when we woke up she remembered being rick and well off, and didn’t like her soho-style loft and art studio lifestyle. I know that’s probably realistic, to wake up from a coma with no memory of your husband and be wary of him, but I don’t go to the movies on a Friday night for realty. Based on the trailers I thought he spend the majority of the movie trying to make his wife fall in love with him all over again.

He does.. for one night. Takes her on a date that recreates some major moments in their life together, and that was really cute. But the majority of the movie was based on her going back to her old lifestyle, and then finding out why she left in the first place (father had an affair). Paige is not the person Leo fell in love with, and Paige doesn’t even know Leo, so they get DIVORCED! A movie named The Vow and they get divorced. They did not uphold their vows to love each other through good times and bad times, that’s for sure. You don’t see them struggle with her brain trauma all that much. It was really infuriating. The husband tried his darndest to get her to love him, but when the divorce papers were drawn up, he didn’t fight too hard. He just signed them. I felt bad for the husband, but never the wife. She was just a bitch and I didn’t think the husband should be too bothered with her anyways!

Where it gets really good is about the last 10 minutes of the movie. Paige enrolls back in law school (daddy pulls some strings) and starts spending time with investment banker dude again, but slowly the “artsy” Paige comes back. She breaks up with the guy, again, she quits law school, again, and she moves into the city alone, again. But she never calls Leo. They run into each other one night at a cafe they used to spend a lot of time together at, and we find out she’s been in the city for 6 months going to art school, again! The movie ends with them walking off together on a kind of first date, and that is the freaking end of the movie!
WHAT! That was the good stuff! That’s what we wanted to see!! The 2 of them falling in love and having a relationship all over again. The movie ends with a disclaimer that the couple the story is based on have been married for 22  years, with 2 kids, and she never did regain her memory.

Like, that’s an amazing story! That if 2 people belong together, they will find a way. Whether they are together from the start or find each other again.

But I’m sorry, as realistic as the stuff in the middle is, all the heart ache and loss, that’s not what I want to spend 10 dollars and 2 hours on a Friday night watching. That’s for Sunday afternoon docs on the couch.

I was disappointed. Make The Vow pt 2, and guaranteed that will be a tear jerker!

I didn’t even pull out the kleenex once.



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