The Hunger Games Revisited

1 Apr

I went to see The Hunger Games for the second time last night – and I loved it even more this time!!! Everything that I loved about the first movie (Cinna, Peeta, Rue, Effie, the jokes) I was able to enjoy even more this time as I wasn’t trying to pay attention to everything all at once (ie the dialogue, the costumes, the settings, the scenery) and the things I wasn’t so hot on – Katniss’s quietness and the anti-climactic ending – I was able to appreciate more. 

I get the ending now. The games don’t end with a boom in the movie because that’s not how the characters would feel. I think that the movie did a very good job representing how Katniss and Peeta would feel at the end of the games, and going home, and makes the viewer feel that way. Maybe a bit too subtly for my liking, since it did take me 2 viewing to get it, but I get it now. The people I was with who saw it before agree, and the first timers were a bit disappointed with the ending. But it really does set up the beginning of the second movie perfectly. 

And as if we have to wait for Nov 2013 for the second movie!


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