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Ms. Effie Trinket

13 Apr




The Hunger Games Big Debut!

26 Mar

Did you go see The Hunger Games on opening day Friday? I of course did! Along with everyone else in the world it seemed!

Third biggest opening of a movie ever!! $155 million dollars this weekend – that is just amazing. And the movie is keeping good company too – the other 2 movies that pulled in that much money opening weekend are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 ($169.1 million) and The Dark Knight ($158 million).

So what did you think of it? *SPOILERS*

It was a bit different than I expected, but I still really enjoyed it! I tried not to read too many reviews before I went to see it so that nothing would be spoiled for me, although I did know they exaggerate the “love” connection between Katniss and Gale in the film, and give him a few more scenes than he had in the book. And really that’s fine. Keeps things interesting right? But the one thing I didn’t like was the lack of dialogue. In the book Katniss is a very quite, kind of stoic character, but that’s hard to pull off on the screen. She’s by herself so much at the beginning of the Games, but in the book we get her internal dialogue, and her thought process on everything. On screen it’s just scene after scene of Jennifer Lawrence running around with a weird look on her face. She could have at least been talking out loud to herself during those times. You don’t get a really good scene of Katniss as a person in the movie as you do in the books. She’s such a strong, independent, brace and smart character, so I was a bit disappointed with that. Not with Jennifer Lawrence at all, but I guess maybe a bit with the script? Josh Hutcherson and Lenny Kravitz stole the show for me though. Peeta and Cinna were my 2 fave characters in the book and I think they were portrayed perfectly on screen!

I’m going to go and watch it again this weekend. It really was that good!

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas

15 Mar

Ya.. you read that write! 2 members from one of my very favourite bands – McFly – are writing a children’s book and that’s what it’s called!

 The 2 masterminds Dougie and Tom.

Here’s the link to read more about the book I’m really curious to see how it all turns out, based on that story idea, they must be really creative and clever!

I am even more excited to read their first biography – Plus they are on tour right now and I know it’s being filmed for a DVD, and they are working on a new album! Pretty awesome time for McFly fans 🙂

Living With Wolves

17 Feb

I just finished the 3rd book in the Mercy Falls trilogy I posted about before (Shiver, Linger and Forever by Maggie Stiefvater) and read through the brief author’s note at the end.

She talked a bit about the research she did on wolf behaviour, and mentioned a documentary. I tried to download it but wasn’t able too, but thankfully it’s posted on youtube. It’s about 2 researchers who literally LIVE with wolves in the forest. Petting them, being licked by them, even crawling into a den to look at new-borns. It’s fascinating, and amazing, and if you’re an animal lover you will love this documentary.

I’ll post the first part, and the rest can be found on youtube! Enjoy

Reading is Cool!

17 Feb

These bookshelves are so effing neat!

I love this tree one, this is right up my alley and would look so good in my bedroom! Hmmm.. new DIY project ? Ya right, I am not talented enough for that but I can dream

There are 19 other ones over on this BuzzFeed article – checkemout here!