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Reading is Cool!

17 Feb

These bookshelves are so effing neat!

I love this tree one, this is right up my alley and would look so good in my bedroom! Hmmm.. new DIY project ? Ya right, I am not talented enough for that but I can dream

There are 19 other ones over on this BuzzFeed article – checkemout here!


Men Ups

18 Jan

THIS exists, and it’s glorious!

Bravo to these guys for posing like this, it’s delightfully funny and charming

Kate Middleton Rules the World

5 Dec

Or at least that’s what the premise is behind this new Twitter and Tumblr accounts I started following this morning!

You know I love a good laugh, and I love how clever some people can be  – Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling, Feminist Ryan Gosling, and now Kate Middleton for the Win! I wish I was this clever and knew how to work photoshop.

Thank you, Ann Clark, for a great laugh this morning! Looking forward to many more. I want to make these all my computer wallpapaer – what an honour 😉

Apparently the guards didn't get the memo...(Thanks Joshua!)

It’s funny cause it’s true!

25 Nov

I’m sure all straight men will laugh at this, and strong, self-assured women as well! The funniest stuff really is the things that poke fun at the truth

Now for something more light-hearted

17 Oct

Sorry about that little rant, let’s turn this around. (This doesn’t really work though since things are posted in this blog newest-oldest, so please scroll down and read the previousentry first, then come back up here 🙂 )





































Just a random collection of pictures to hopefully make you laugh and smile. They all do for me!