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Pure Sex

17 Mar

Pure effing sex

and talk about one hardcore little bugger!!

I don’t really follow American Idol ever.. but I will be watching his performances!


Gary Oldman’s dramatic reading

7 Feb

Did I mention I like Gary Oldman? I mentioned that right? haha (actually I really really like him – I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and a big Sid Vicious fan, and this man has been in movies telling both those stories! go watch Sid and Nancy if you havent seen it before!)

WELL look what Jimmy Kimmel got Gary Oldman to do – he must have paid him big bucks! haha kidding


YA, you read that link right – Gary Oldman + Jersey Shore

Unemployment Days 1&2

7 Feb

Well so far I’ve had 2 really good workouts! What did I tell you, I’m going to be jacked. I went to a Step class yesterday and I’ve just come back from a Pilates class, and both kicked my ass. God, pilates is so much harder than it looks. I’ve been doing it off and on for years but this was the first time I’ve used the circle and during one exercise it gave me a huge leg cramp, and I guess I made a face and the instructor was very concerned for my well-being haha that’s always nice, being the new girl that gets hurt in pilates class!

 the devil Pilates circle

But yesterday I was very productive! Unfortunately I crossed off the majority of my week’s to-do list in 1 day: I cleaned out my closet and put together a box full of clothes to donate to Good Will, I cleaned out my car and found the spare key my bf lost to our apartment that we moved out of this summer, and we got a good head start on cleaning up the spare room in the basement. I also took the dog for a nice long walk and vaccumed the upstairs! So now I don’t really have anything to do today except an appointment to donate blood at 4!

Good thing every time I donate blood it turns into a big adventure. Last time I was there for over 2 hours cause my left arm wouldn’t cooperate so they had to switch it to my right arm, but they were under-staffed so this took a lot longer than one would think, and I saw 2 grown men faint! This time I’ll remember to bring a book to keep myself entertained. Honestly I could devote a blog to my adventures in donating blood, there’s always something!

I did start watching the BBC mini series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch yesterday. Well no, I didn’t watch it WITH Benedict, although I’m sure that’d be a hoot, I really wish we were friends! Not only is his name super fun to say, but he’s an awesome actor! I’m done season 1 (it’s only 3 episodes per season) and I also started watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last night. Which I was super excited about because it has all the best British actors in it:

Gary Oldman (nominated for an Oscar), Colin Firth (LOVE him), Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, the guy that played Bilbo Baggins in LOTR and the guy that dressed up as a horse in Ever After! The whole gang’s here!

OMG I just googled that guy, Toby Jones, and he’s the voice of Dobby!  Life is complete!

Anyways, back to the movie – it’s a long one, 2 hours. I only made it through the first hour cause we started it late, and it’s a a bit slow. Not as action packed as I thought it was going to be. But the acting is so, so good that I’m definitely going to finish watching it and I can see why the movie and the actors got such rave reviews. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of a defect spy scared for his life is too perfect; he actually makes you really anxious and scared watching him hide in the shadows and ring his hands together. But this movie is just feeding my addiction to British actors. Although I’m not a big fan of Benedicts hair in this one

Sherlock vs Peter Guillam  (IMDB would have me believe that is his normal hair style, but I choose not to believe it!)

And after watching Sherlock the tv show, I think I’m going to watch Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows the movie tonight. The first one was really good, and I think Robert Downey Jr. plays a very good Sherlock Holmes. I bet film schools could hold a whole class comparing the different portrayals of Sherlock Holmes in movie and tv over the years versus the book. Actually, I have one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock stories I’ve been meaning to read as well!

Hey, look at that, I just filled up my week’s to-do list quite nicely 🙂


My favourite Dawson’s Creek Character…

12 Dec

This may come as a surprise, but I think the best Dawson’s Creek character (especially in Season 3, which I’m watching now) is GRAMS! Yes, she always has that disapproving look on her face, but it’s only because she wants the best for you! And she always has great words of wisdom to impart for every situation! Honestly, every time I get dressed up to go somewhere fancy and can’t decide whether or not to wear a necklace, I hear this: “An unadorned neck is proper for the first date. Chaste. Pure.” (#314 Valentine’s Day Massacre). Not that I’m trying to be pure or chaste, that line just always pops into my head.

Underneath her stern looks and bible thumping ways, Grams is just a big softie romantic! The Valentine’s episode from S3 is probably my fave one of the season as well, all because of Henry Parker and Grams. He sells more blood than he should to be able to buy Jen a Valentine’s present, and he passes out at supper. And just when you think Grams is going to look down on him for being foolish, she sticks up for the poor shmuck! It’s funny that Jen ends up falling for someone so like her grandmother.

Another reason I love Grams is that she lets Jack move in with them. The scene when Jen and that douche Tyson argue about homosexuality being a “choice” or not in the kitchen (Season 2) and you think Grams is going to side with Ty based on religious beliefs and she berates him and kicks him out of the house, and then lets Jack live with them – AMAZING! That’s when you stop seeing her character through Jen’s eyes, and see her for who she really is; caring, understanding, and wise.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the later seasons of the Creek, but I’m pretty sure they all end up living with her in Boston during college. How cool is that, that she uproots her life to still be a part of the kids’ lives. And they WANT her there. She kind of becomes the lynch pin to the group, don’t you think?

Also, did you know that Jack’s kiss at the end of Season 3 was the first ever gay male kiss on prime time television? Who knew DC was so cutting edge?



Skins post pt.2

11 Aug

I finished watching Series 1 (that’s what they call a Season in Britain I guess? Those kooky brits, love ’em!) the other night and started Series 2 last night.. OMG.

*There will more than likely be spoilers in this post.. you’ve been warned*

How did I get into this show? Well I kept reading about it on and in Nylon magazine, and then MTV decided to make an American version. And all I heard about the American version was how it was shit compared to the original, so I decided to watch the original and see what the fuss was all about!! Throughout the first episode I honestly didn’t see what was so great about it. It’s filmed a little different from how shows in America are, and due to the slang I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about sometimes, but once you figure out the language and get used to the really long close up shots of someones face while they stare blankly into space, it’s really intriguing and pulls you in. The fuss is definetly worth it! The characters are all so different and fucked up in their own ways, and you just want to learn more about them. Tony (Nicholas Hoult.. total babe) is the school stud/reckless bad boy who can melt any girls with his crooked smile, Sid is his dweeby sidekick who eventually tries to break free of Tony’s shadow. There’s Michelle, Tony’s slutty girlfriend with a bad home life, Cassie who has several stints in rehab/mental institutions for an eating disorder. One really awesome relationship is between  Anwar, a Muslim, and his best friend Maxxie, a gay dancer. My favourite episode so far, the one I blogged about the other night, was when they get into a fight over their conflicting views and ways of life. Then there’s a weird scene where Tony gives Maxxie head… that’s where this show differentiates from a lot of North American TV – they don’t hold back. Teenagers live a messy and complicated life, and this show shows it in all of its uncomfortable and shocking glory. I don’t know what living in a small British town is like, but from following the news about all the riots in London, it seems like the youth feel very disenfranchised and rebellious, so maybe they do have these crazy parties on a Tuesday night where they all sleep in a pile on the floor after taking a bunch of E and drinking till the wee hours of the morning. Maybe they do pass around their girlfriends like party favours. It’s probably a very sensationalized version of real life, but they writers, producers, and actors aren’t afraid to tackle the hard stuff – broken homes, eating disorders and mental issues, homosexuality and religion, race, poverty vs money, I could go on and on. It’s refreshing to see something that shows the nitty-gritty side of life – not like the problems the Gossip Girl gang has – however scandalous those are – they aren’t realistic in the least.

The last episode of season 1 ends with Tony being hit by a bus -we have no idea if he survived. The whole cast sings a really awesome version of Wild World ( and I think it represents the change in everyone lives we’re going to encounter in Season 2. I watched the first episode of the second season last night, and I cried. It was SO well done. Nicholas Hoult is turning into one of my fave actors right now (and not just cause he’s drop dead gorgeous – he does remind me of a young Josh Hartnett though, whose faces was plastered all over my bedroom walls in highschool) but he’s such a good actor. And he can sing!! Throughout the beginning of the first season, he portrayed a very cocky and selfish character, who had a big breakthrough in the final episode, and you could see it all playing out on his face. Now he’s playing the same character after suffering a traumatic head injury and he’s lost some motor skills and memory. It’s heart wrenching!! So is watching his best friend and ex girlfriend trying to come to terms with his injury. Man, I just want to go home and watch the rest of it hahaha. It’s rare to find a show that’s so compelling and realistic.  I’ll guess for now I’ll settle for some “behind the scenes” footage on youtube!.