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Video 5 Jun

One of my favourite books when I was younger. So excited, this movie looks like it will do the story justice!!

Video 31 May

AMAZING!! Try not to tear up listening to Anne Hatahway’s version of I dreamed a dream

Very Important Question

3 May

When does the new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill come out?!


1 wonderful, magical year of happily wedded bliss!

29 Apr

No, not me, Happy Anniversary Wills & Kate!,,20395222_20590934,00.html

Currently reading:

25 Apr

The Fault In Our Stars (On a bit of a YA kick lately) but Augustus Waters could not be a cuter teenage boy character. I’m intrigued that he was written by a man, cause usually that’s the type of hopeless romantic character a hopeless romantic woman writes about and we’re not entirely convinced he’s real. so maybe he is!

The Fault in Our Stars