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25 Apr

The Fault In Our Stars (On a bit of a YA kick lately) but Augustus Waters could not be a cuter teenage boy character. I’m intrigued that he was written by a man, cause usually that’s the type of hopeless romantic character a hopeless romantic woman writes about and we’re not entirely convinced he’s real. so maybe he is!

The Fault in Our Stars



24 Apr

Read it! Buy it, borrow it from a friend, take it out from the library, but just read this book!

It’s “can’t put it down” good.

Having never had an issue with food or body image, I still found the characters in the book incredibly relatable. Everyone can identify with one of the kinds of problems there having; confidence, control, parental issues, questioning your future, problematic friendships.

This book should be read in high schools to let girls know they aren’t alone, and to let boys see the power of hurtful words and names. It would open up such great communication doors for everyone.

Really powerful stuff. Bravo Laurie Halse Anderson, you did it again!

U Got It Bad – Phillip Phillips

19 Apr

Holy crap, this is amazing


Ms. Effie Trinket

13 Apr




Awkward Penguin

13 Apr


is so relatable